Blade Runner – The Final Cut

Blade Runner The Final Cut is the last attempt from Ridley Scott to complete his visionary film. A key contribution to the noir and sci-fi genres, Blade Runner The Final Cut is the definitive edition for those that grew up without the opportunity to see the original theatrical run.

2019 – Humanity has fled to the stars and built civilizations on Mars to sustain their expansionist desires off the backs of synthetic humanoids called replicants. Designed with complex personalities, the replicants came to understand their purpose in life as glorified slaves and rebelled. In order to quash their rebellion, humanity instituted Blade Runners which are special police agents with the skills and authority to execute any rogue replicants. When a crew of replicants arrives in Los Angeles after a hostile exit from Mars, retired Blade Runner Rick Deckard is tasked with finding them and retiring them from service.

Ridley Scott is often called the “Father of The Director’s Cut” and Blade Runner has had several. The initial theatrical cut is one definitive version, along with the oddly titled “Director’s Cut” in which Scott did not have complete control over. The Final Cut, which is what this score is based on, is the version that Scott was granted complete control over and stands as my favorite version. This version includes a few key scenes that lead the audience to wonder if Deckard is indeed a replicant, as the popular fan theories suggest. With impressive visuals and an otherworldly synth score, Blade Runner The Final Cut is an amazing genre mash-up of neo-noir, sci-fi, and drama brought to life by a stellar cast.

Blade Runner The Final Cut is available on Netflix.

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