TRON : Legacy

Tron Legacy Poster

Tron Legacy Poster

The sequel to the cult classic TRON, starring Jeff Bridges (pre Dude), TRON : Legacy is as satisfying of a sequel as anyone could ask for. I love this movie and the amazing soundtrack by Daft Punk is one of the all time greats.

Years after the much beloved Kevin Flynn disappears one night, his son Sam gets a visitor. The visitor is none other than his father’s business partner and surrogate father figure, Alan Bradley. Bradley informs Sam that he received a page from the disconnected phone number of his Kevin Flynn’s old arcade. Unable to keep his curiosity under control, Sam goes to the old arcade and soon discovers where exactly his father disappeared to all those years ago.

TRON : Legacy is a fun movie from the era when random sequels from lifeless franchises were unexpected and actually garnered some level of excitement. Although CGI and various “de-aging” techniques have come a long way since the movie’s release in 2010, the aesthetic and retro vibes still hold up. And then there’s the killer Daft Punk soundtrack. This is one movie and universe that I would love to see more content from because it’s truly a unique concept.

Tron : Legacy is currently streaming on Disney+.

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