Three Days of the Condor

A thrilling espionage adventure from 1975, Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway, and Max von Sydow star in this instant smooth classic.

Joe Turner is an under cover analyst for the CIA operating out of a covert operations base in New York City. One afternoon, Joe is sent out to get lunch for the team and while he is away, the undercover office is hit by a team of skilled assassins who murder everyone inside. Returning to find his colleagues have been killed, Joe Turner calls CIA HQ and is soon spooked when they start asking the wrong sorts of questions. Sensing that somebody on the inside may be responsible for this, Joe Turner goes on the run, desperate to prove himself innocent and to find answers.

Three Days of the Condor is a surprisingly engaging espionage thriller from the mid-70s. The soundtrack is full of awesome mini themes and it has a smooth retro sound all throughout. There are a few moments where the special effects or the dated technology become difficult to ignore, but the excellent cast and well-developed story more than make up for it.

Originally adapted from a novel titled Six Days of the Condor by James Grady, Three Days of the Condor is available to stream on HBO Max. There is also a two season series from AT&T called Condor which serves as a reboot / sequel to the 1975 adaptation.

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