A Spielberg classic, Jaws is the original summer blockbuster and one that I try to rewatch every year. With today being the first day of fall, there was no better time than last night before midnight to give it a watch.

On the small tourist island of Amity, a new sheriff named Martin Brody discovers the body of a shark attack victim. With the Fourth of July fast approaching, Sheriff Brody’s first inclination is to close the beach but the mayor and several key businessmen overrule his decision in favor of satisfying the tourists. When a second victim is found and the island is flooded with amateurs attempting to claim the reward for the shark, Sherrif Brody knows it is just a matter of time until there is another victim.

Jaws is such an iconic movie and summer staple that it’s a shame I didn’t get the chance to talk about it earlier this summer. I was lucky enough to get to see it on the big screen at my local theater as part of the Flashback Cinema program (that my theater has unfortunately dropped out of for whatever reason) and it was a blast. Without Jaws we most likely wouldn’t have the summer blockbuster slates that we have today.

Jaws is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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