Weekend Watchlist – April 9, 2021

My top 3 picks for this weekend are : 

  1. 28 Days Later
    • This one of the all time best zombie movies. I think it has the most realistic version of a zombie and features the talents of Cillian Murphy in one of his earliest rolls. Don’t waste your time on 28 Weeks later though.   
  2. National Treasure
    • National Treasure is an iconic early 2000’s movie. It’s such a dumb concept to have a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence, but it works! 
  3. Dark Shadows 
    • Not to be confused with What We do in the Shadows from Taika Waititi, Dark Shadows is another vampire comedy with plenty of laughs. Doing a mini review for Edward Scissorhands made me want to look at more Johnny Depp filmography and this is what I came up with. 

What are you watching this weekend?

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One response to “Weekend Watchlist – April 9, 2021”

  1. […] Aside from the story, the acting of Venom: Let There be Carnage is another mixed bag. Eddie Brock and Venom have great chemistry and the way they interact with each other is hilarious. That’s all thanks to Tom Hardy who continues to impress me in basically every movie I’ve ever seen him in (aside from Lawless). The man can do just about anything well because he gives what feels like 110% in every role. The other actors, not so much. Woody Harrelson has so many great roles and a fair amount of bad ones as well, but this just felt like a paycheck movie for him. He sounded flat and bored at times, no real emotion. He definitely phoned in a few scenes and just didn’t really mesh with Cletus Kasady all that well. Naomie Harris was a good choice for Shriek and has been an underrated performer in my mind since I first saw her in 28 Days Later. […]

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