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Series Pick – Raised by Wolves

The latest and greatest original Sci-fi series from HBO Max and Ridley Scott.

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This is the latest HBO Max original, featuring the talent of Ridley Scott who serves as series executive producer and the director of the first two episodes.

Raised by Wolves takes place after the last great war between religious zealots known as the Mithraic and the Atheists of Earth. In the final days of the war, two androids are dispatched in secret to the far flung planet Kepler-22b to raise a new generation of humans without religious influence. Aboard their Ark, the surviving Mithraic flee Earth in hopes of settling Kepler-22b in order to begin populating the galaxy. Unbeknownst to them, the atheistic colony has a head start and history is doomed to repeat itself once the two groups make contact.

I found Raised by Wolves to be engaging and frustrating throughout its ten episode first season. The concept is fresh and blunt in its portrayal of both religious extremism and atheism, without spending too much time on theological debate for either side. There is plenty of mystery and intrigue as to the truth of Kepler-22b to keep you entertained as the story progresses. Once I started watching this show, I could not stop.

Raised by Wolves has been renewed for a second season by HBO Max with a developmental deal signed by the series creator Aaron Guzikowski, who has stated that it is part of a five or six season arc.

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