About Me

I started this website during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 as a hobby. Movies have always been a cornerstone of my life and writing was a skill I always wanted to sharpen when I was younger. Plus, any dummy can make a website so here we are. I’m hoping to share at least one review or post a week and build up a movie diary that I can share with my family, friends, and the internet.

May the Force be with you

Luke Skywalker

What are my qualifications? Well, I don’t have any formal education or training in movie making. I actually just have a business degree and had to build a website for a blow off class my senior year. Most of what I know is gleaned from spending too much time watching behind the scenes extras or YouTube videos and reading reddit posts about movie details during meetings at work. I’m always looking to learn more about the work that goes into the movies I love but I don’t plan on getting into the industry with the knowledge I have. However, if Lucasfilm or Marvel is reading this, give me a call.

I love to re-watch movies and the more I like it, the more I watch it. I’ve probably seen Star Wars about a thousand times each. Part of the thing that intrigues me about movies is that you can always find something new, some small detail that only a few people notice. I love sharing these little bits of trivia with my family and I’m pretty sure my girlfriend (Update : 7/12/2021 – now fiancĂ©) just tolerates it for my ego’s sake. Speaking of her, she’s told me that my love languages are movies and music. Obviously the moviemakers get to use the film industry as a platform to talk about what’s important to them and I think that viewers can do that too. 

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