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Series Pick – Love, Death, and Robots

Love, Death & Robots, a mini anthology series with multiple art styles and narratives from the minds of David Fincher and Tim Miller. Each episode is more unique than the last so sit back and enjoy.

Series Pick - Love, Death & Robots

Love, Death & Robots

Serving as an experiment for Netflix, Love, Death & Robots is a mini anthology series with multiple art styles and narratives.

Each episode is an entirely self contained story, ranging in run time and subject matter. There are no connections between each episode (at least, none that I can see. I’m sure somebody on r/FanTheories has come up with something though). I can’t write an explanation that’s broad enough to cover them all, so you just need to watch them. There are several of them that are more on the NSFW side, so viewer beware.

LD&R is such a unique concept and as a fan of sci-fi and short stories, this scratches several itches. After watching the entire series in just one afternoon, I came to the conclusion that I could watch an entire mini series for each episode. Every episode is just that good.

Love, Death & Robots has been renewed for a second season.

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