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You know, I'll go with Morbius as my #1. Movies Not Films currently produces two weekly shows, Who’s In The Box! MoviesNotFilmsCast.

Who’s In The Box!

Who’s In The Box! was an idea created by one of my best friends and cohosts, Drew. The concept is fairly simple. After we pick a movie that none of us have ever seen before, the mysterious gamemaster (who’s totally not my fiance) assigns a random role to each of us. Together with our friend Wyatt and an occasional guest, we produce this gameshow about every week.

There are two roles that can be assigned. The first role is to watch the movie. It’s that simple. The second role is the person who is in the box. Whoever is assigned to be in the box is not allowed to watch the movie. They are only allowed to watch the trailer and read the summary/synopsis on IMDb.

None of us know the role assigned to the others so when we record the show, we each give a brief review, ask a few questions that will help determine who did or didn’t watch the movie, name a favorite scene or two, and then lastly we accuse each other of their role.

Movies Not Films Cast

Currently on hiatus.

Whereas Who’s In The Box! is more of a game show, MoviesNotFilmsCast is more of a casual show that’s more fluid in format and topics. I co-host this show with one of my brothers who is an avid movie enthusiast as well. This show is released weekly.

On MnF Cast, we make no claims to be industry experts and have no connections to the industry, just like most of our audience. You won’t find interviews with stars or directors here (not yet at least). But what you will find are the thoughts and opinions of fans just like you. We just decided to put ours on the internet and have fun doing it.

We will cover the top headlines in the industry, review the newest movies to hit theaters and streaming, recommend streaming series, create rankings, and much more.