Who’s in the Box!

Welcome to Who’s In the Box! brought to you by MoviesNotFilms.com.

This is a show where my friends and I pick a movie none of us have ever seen and are assigned a secret role by the gamemaster. The goal is to convince each other that we all watched the movie and escape the box undetected.

There are two roles that the gamemaster can assign. The first is to watch the movie and figure out who the liar in the box is by asking probing questions and carefully examining the answers given by the other hosts.

The second role is to not watch the movie and to try to convince everybody else that you did and escape the box undetected. Whoever is not allowed to watch the movie isn’t completely helpless though. The devious suspects are only allowed to watch the release trailer and to read the synopsis of the movie in order to prepare.

We get together and do a short review plus some Q and A to determine who did or didn’t watch the movie. After we’ve each asked a few questions and talked to make up our minds, we move to the accusation stage.

When we start our accusations, we must choose any combination of people to accuse and explain why. To make things interesting, points are awarded for each possible action.

Whoever reaches 10 points first gets to assign a punishment to the losers. Points are reset after a punishment is given.

Points Breakdown :

In the box totally detected (Majority voted you did not watch the movie) = 0 points

Correct Accusation = 1 Point per correct accusation

In the box Partially Detected (50% or less voted you did not watch the movie) = 1 Point

In the box correct accusation = 1 point

In the box completely undetected = 3 points

Combinations :

0 watch, 3 don’t

1 watch, 2 don’t

2 watch, 1 don’t

3 watch, 0 don’t