House of Gucci

House of Gucci is entertaining and smartly written with stellar performances from the leads of Lady Gaga and Adam Driver. Ridley Scott is on a substantial role of quality content and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. With deception, greed, and lust to spare, House of Gucci does not disappoint and sheds light on the world’s most well-known fashion brand’s darkest secrets.

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King Richard

King Richard – An award-worthy performance from Will Smith as Richard Williams fuels this incredibly detailed and emotional story about two of the greatest tennis players in history.

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Ghostbusters : Afterlife

Ghostbusters: Afterlife – Afterlife is worth the price of the ticket because it does an OK job of connecting the original movie by relying heavily on the source material, but it isn’t so bold as to do anything outright new with the rest of the runtime.

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The Thing (1982)

The Thing – Keith David and Kurt Russell star in this atmospheric and genuinely terrifying sci-fi horror from John Carpenter. The Thing continues to impress nearly 40 years after its initial release.

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Red Notice

Red Notice – a fun and entertaining movie, but ultimately feels disposable after it’s been watched. Full of amazing talent, it fails to find any sort of identity and instead relies on borrowing from more successful classics.

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EMMA (2020) – A remarkably funny and accessible adaptation of a classic Jane Austen novel. Anya Taylor-Joy stars in this smart and enjoyable 2 hour experience.

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Eternals – Another delayed MCU entry makes it’s long awaited debut to mediocre acclaim and limited box office success. This 2.5 hour movie focuses more on exposition than action and doesn’t quite measure up.

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