Movies, not Films

What’s your problem with films? 

There’s nothing wrong with films! I love films! and I love movies. I just think that the term “film” should be used for specific creations. 

What’s the difference between Films and Movies?

 It’s not easy to explain the difference between movies and films and it’s entirely subjective to each viewer. Some of the greatest movies in the world are what I consider to be films while some of the best movies in the world are just movies. After hours of agonizing over what is or isn’t a film, I decided to just list some movies below so we can compare and contrast. 

Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane is a massively influential piece of art. It’s a part of history from the golden age of Hollywood. Camera shots, acting, set design, and story alone are enough to set Citizen Kane apart from the rest of the movies released in the same year or even decade. It became the standard to which many films are compared to and is something the likes of which will never be seen again.

Star Wars

Star Wars is another culturally impactful movie with similarly groundbreaking camera tricks, visual effects, story devices, etc. It can also be set apart from many of the movies released in the 70s and 80s. Many have tried to duplicate the success of Star Wars, but nobody has come close to achieving the same magic.

Movie or Film?

 It’s a film. The cultural / industry impact of this movie and the feelings it evokes lead me to put this in the film category. There is a message in this movie that should speak to the viewer and leave them changed after watching it. The primary goal of Citizen Kane isn’t to entertain, it’s to represent something larger than what the actors are portraying on screen : you can never REALLY understand or know somebody completely (at least that’s my take).

Movie or Film?

It’s a movie. I feel like I had fun every time I watch Star Wars. There is a message in this movie, but it takes a back seat to the spectacle of the movie itself. It’s a great way to spend 125 minutes of your day and there’s nothing wrong with re-watching the whole saga every year (everybody needs their own traditions right?). The point of Star Wars is to entertain. It doesn’t try to explain or represent something larger than what it is : a story about rescuing a princess and destroying the evil empire.