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  • Blog 4 – How I spent my summer

    Blog 4 – How I spent my summer

    I hope you didn’t pay full price for your seat because you’re only going to need the edge. This is blog post #4 aka “how I spent my summer”.

  • Blog 3

    Blog 3

    Welcome to blog post #3. I’m writing this in the Charlotte International Airport while I wait for my connecting flight to arrive. Enjoy.

  • Blog 2

    Blog 2

    Blog 2 – I really enjoyed writing that first blog post, so here’s another and you can help me figure out what my next review should be.

  • Blog #1

    Blog #1

    Blog #1 – I’m back, baby. After a two month gap, I’ve got new posts, new logos, new themes and a lot of opinions about stuff. Let’s talk.