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What’s up? 

I’ve never done a personal blog post update before. Usually, I stay incognito and don’t really post much about myself. There are reviews out there where I’ve mentioned tidbits about my current life situation and whatnot, but never get any deeper than that. 

I took about two months off from posting reviews and writing in general. I had been posting 3x a week for about 2.5, almost 3 years, and just didn’t really care anymore. It was actually Cocaine Bear that broke me. I sat there getting ready to bang out 600-800 words about a movie that was getting memed to death and I realized I probably wouldn’t get more than 1-2 views on my post and maybe 20 likes on Instagram. It just wasn’t worth it. 

Then I realized I was chasing metrics and wasn’t really aware of when I had started doing that instead of just writing for fun. I never wanted to be a metrics-driven person with this project. I always told myself it was for fun. I had focused so hard on getting my name out there so people could enjoy what I had to share that I lost sight of my own enjoyment.

I am a very routine-oriented person and I got so stuck in my ways that I didn’t notice that I wasn’t having fun anymore. I’ve done the same thing with my workout routines. I would obsessively go to the gym to the point where I was hurting and sore all the time but wasn’t getting anything out of it other than the satisfaction of knowing that I fulfilled my routine. 

So I “quit” cold turkey and just disappeared for two months.

I was still watching movies, scoring them, and taking notes. I knew I couldn’t give that up. I maintained my Letterboxd diary. But I shuttered my Movies Not Films discord, ignored my Instagram connections, etc. It was a nice break to see the difference. I rediscovered the fun part of writing my movie opinions. 

I slowly felt the pull to come back. I redesigned the logo after playing around with MidJourney AI. I developed a new color scheme. I have my WordPress instance paid for until July anyway so I thought maybe I could screw around with the SEO stuff under the hood. And here we are. I returned to the scene with a vastly different look and feel with several posts queued up and ready to go. I’m just going to hit publish whenever I feel like it and not stick to a schedule. The first one out is Conan the Barbarian. Enjoy

Moving forward, I’m going to experiment with blogging. 

These are not going to be consistent. Just for fun and whenever I feel like sharing. I might go more into detail about my habits, life updates, etc if there’s enough of a reason to. Let me know if there’s something you’d like to see me talk about. Thanks for reading. 

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  1. Good for you focusing on what fills your cup with joy! Happy you’re back. 🙂

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