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Weekend Watchlist – March 3, 2023

Weekend Watchlist – 3/3/23 – I’m a big Dan Carlin fan and his new episode “Twilight of the Aesir” has me in an ancient history Viking mood.

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My top 3 picks for this weekend are: 

  1. The Northman
    • The Northman has been on my mind for several days since watching Vinland Saga last week. It’s a visceral, high-octane thrill ride through ancient mythology. Read my full review here.
  2. Braveheart
    • Braveheart is one of my favorite Mel Gibson movies and is probably his most iconic. Who among us hasn’t ever wanted to stand in front of an open field and scream “They may take our lives but they will never take our FREEEEEDOOOOOOOM” and then charge towards certain death? Nobody? Just me?
  3. Gladiator
    • Ridley Scott directs Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix to form one of the most amazing sword and sandal movies of all time. The scale and detail in this movie redefined the gladiator genre in a way that hadn’t been done since the original Spartacus.
Northman, Braveheart, Gladiator
Dylan M
Dylan M

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What are you watching this weekend?

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