Smokey and The Bandit Review

Smokey and The Bandit is a 1977 comedy about some good old boys running circles around the law as they transport beer across the border.

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Bo “Bandit” Darville is a full-time race car driver and part-time gambler. He’s approached by some wealthy individuals and tasked with transporting a massive shipment of beer across the border. Not only is it illegal to transport the beer, but he must also do it in less than 28 hours. Bandit and his friend Smokey waste no time and get on the road only to pick up a runaway bride and draw the attention of a vindictive sheriff.

Burt Reynolds and Sally Field star in this late 70s comedy adventure. It is absolutely absurd how funny this movie can be in the right moments. It’s such a dumb concept, but the simplicity of the idea allows the story to just do its own thing without too many expectations. While there are certain portions that have not aged well, it is still fun and entertaining over 45 years later.

Smokey and The Bandit is available to stream on Prime Video ($).

Smokey and The Bandit
Dylan M.
Dylan M.

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