Raising Arizona Review

Raising Arizona is a 1987 Coen Brothers comedy staring Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter in this absurd kidnapping plot.

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H.I. McDonnough is a petty criminal, in and out of prison all his life. During his many incarcerations, H.I. falls in love with Officer Edwina, whom he lovingly calls Ed. H.I. and Ed get married and start a life together and all goes well until they decide to have children. They cannot have any of their own and H.I.’s criminal history prevents adoption. The couple only has one option: borrowing a child from a family with more than enough children to handle. What ensues is a crime of love and commitment, that pushes this want-to-be family to the edge.

Raising Arizona has been floating around my watchlist for years and I finally decided that enough is enough. Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter are to die for in this movie. The accents and dialogue live rent-free in my head and always will. Pair that with Coen Brothers’ humor and an under-the-radar John Goodman performance, you’ve got the makings for an incredibly funny movie.

Raising Arizona is available to stream on Prime Video ($).

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Dylan M.
Dylan M.

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