Weird: The Al Yankovic Story Review

Young Al has a knack for rewriting songs with his own humorous lyrics. Growing up he was told that his place was at the factory, but the music within him wouldn’t let him live that life. Al eventually moves out and forms a band with is friends that parodies original songs with great success. But with the success comes fame, fortune, and excess that drives Al away from the real reason he became a musician.

This movie reminded me of one of my all time favorite comedies, Hot Rod. There’s enough humor jammed into the first 30 minutes to capture my interest and keep me invested. It’s such a fun idea, to parody not only the songs, but also the entire musical biopic genre in true Weird Al fashion. It’s not a very long movie so there isn’t a lot of time to mess things up, but it does start to fall apart at around the 75 minute mark. Daniel Radcliffe, please keep doing fun things. When you have fun, we have fun.

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is available to stream on Roku.

Weird; The Al Yankovic Story
Dylan M.
Dylan M.

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