White Noise Review

Jack Gladney is a professor of Hitler Studies at the local college. Married to his most recent wife, Babette, they raise their blended family of four children. When Jack’s life of semi-normalcy is shattered after a toxic chemical spill nearby, his family must go on the run to save themselves. This phenomenon will eventually be called “The Airborne Toxic Event” and it will slowly unravel Jack’s sanity.

I didn’t really know what this movie was about until it was over and even then, I was still kinda lost. It would be easy to say this movie was terrible because the story is strange or the dialogue was awkward. Those things are true, but it’s not what makes the movie unenjoyable for me. The first third of the movie drags exceptionally slowly and the cinematography / CGI felt bland and boring. This story just feels like something was lost in the jump from page to screen.

White Noise is available to stream on Netflix.

Dylan M.
Dylan M.

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