Wednesday Review

Wednesday Addams was asked to leave several schools after various incidents with piranhas, murder accusations, etc. She stands out in the Addams family with exceptionally morbid skills and hobbies. But she has finally met her match when she is sent to Nevermore Academy, the school where her parents met and fell in love. At Nevermore, Wednesday finds secret societies, chaos, magic, but most shockingly, peers that she doesn’t despise. As the normie town next door to the academy braces itself for another strange semester, a series of murders erupt and accusations are levied against the outcast institution.

Tim Burton is one of Ashley’s favorite directors and his work almost always works. I’ve become more of a fan in the past few years than I ever thought I would be. But no matter how much Netflix attempts to remind me that it has involved Burton in this project, it just doesn’t feel like there’s enough of him. It feels like a reskinned Sabrina or Riverdale. It doesn’t have enough kooky design language or bizarre writing to feel like a real Tim Burton production. Jenna Ortega is obviously the brightest spot in this whole show and she kills it as Wednesday. The show is worth watching for her performance, but that might not be enough if you’re expecting a ton of Burton-isms.

Wednesday is available to stream on Netflix.

Dylan M.
Dylan M.

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