Le Samouraï Review

Jef Costello is a man who blends into the background. His armor is against inquisitive police offers is his trench coat and fedora. His trusty weapon is his gun. As a contract killer, Costello doesn’t ask too many questions or get involved but once his latest job catches the eyes of the police, he’s backed into a corner with seemingly no way out.

This is a movie I discovered on Letterboxd the other day and it peaked my interest. A cool looking guy with a vintage noir hat on the poster with a title like that? It was begging to be watched and it was very enjoyable. Alain Delon is quiet, cool, and coldly efficient in this movie much like the samurai title would suggest. While not a perfect movie, it is a gorgeous to look at and very fun to watch.

Le Samouraï is available to stream on HBO Max.

Dylan M.
Dylan M.

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