See How They Run Review

In London during the 1950s, a murder has taken place on the stage of a theatre. The theatre had been showcasing an incredibly popular play that was on its way to getting a movie adaptation. The potential director’s body was discovered during an afterparty of a milestone performance. A detective named Stoppard is assigned to the case and as a punishment for past errors, he is forced to work with a rookie officer named Stalker.

I didn’t really vibe with this movie. It has a lot of Wes Anderson-isms throughout it and I would have enjoyed it more if it was actually a Wes Anderson movie. It’s so caught up in making tongue-in-cheek jabs at whodunnits that it doesn’t do anything different than those it’s making fun of. It breaks the mold a little bit by telling you exactly how it will end within 45 minutes but there’s still a lot of unnecessary material.

See How They Run is available to stream on HBO Max.

Dylan M.
Dylan M.

Dylan created Movies Not Films as a fun project to stay occupied during the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. He started with a simple movie diary on a spreadsheet and eventually transformed it into with a robust catalog of reviews, suggestions, and ranking lists. Currently living with his now-fiancé and two dogs, Dylan has a full-time career but still makes time to watch all the latest movies and most of the new TV shows.

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