Weekend Watchlist – November 11, 2022

My top 3 picks for this weekend are : 

  1. Hail, Caesar!
    • The Coen Brothers 2016 ensemble cast Hail, Caesar! is a fun, witty, movie about movies. Josh Brolin leads this picture as a Hollywood fixer, tracking down a missing superstar. There are so many things in here for movie lovers and fans of old Hollywood to enjoy.
  2. Freaky Friday
    • Freaky Friday is a classic Disney original movie starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. I watched this for the first time at the behest of my fiancé and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it to be funny and surprisingly well written, even if it hasn’t completely aged well.
  3. Zathura
    • Did you know Zathura exists in the Jumanji universe? I didn’t either until this afternoon, but that makes it all the more enjoyable. It’s a little dated, but still enjoyable. The concept is remarkably refreshing, given that it’s a 2005 movie. You might notice a few familiar faces.
Dylan M
Dylan M

Dylan created Movies Not Films as a fun project to stay occupied during the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Movies and TV shows had always been a big part of his life, but he never thought to share his thoughts online. Dylan started with a simple movie diary on a spreadsheet and eventually transformed it into MoviesNotFilms.com with a robust catalog of reviews, suggestions, and ranking lists. Currently living with his now-fiancé and two dogs, Dylan has a full time career but still makes time to watch all the latest movies and most of the new TV shows. Movies Not Films boasts a modest subscriber count and releases several new posts per week.

What are you watching this weekend?

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