Perfect Blue

Satoshi Kon was a master director and creator, known primarily for his contributions to the animated film landscape. Several of his works have been used as inspiration for more mainstream western movies like Inception, Black Swan, and many others. His surreal and tension filled movies pull on the threads of reality and twist what the audience believes to be real into doubt and uncertainty. Kon’s Perfect Blue is an incredible story with harsh imagery and unpleasant themes that combine to create a dark and twisted depiction of fame and fandom.

Perfect Blue is available to stream on Prime Video ($).

Dylan M.
Dylan M.

Dylan created Movies Not Films as a fun project to stay occupied during the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. He started with a simple movie diary on a spreadsheet and eventually transformed it into with a robust catalog of reviews, suggestions, and ranking lists. Currently living with his now-fiancé and two dogs, Dylan has a full-time career but still makes time to watch all the latest movies and most of the new TV shows.

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