Nine Perfect Strangers Review

Tranquillum House is a popular and expensive retreat that specializes in discretion and results. Run by the mysterious Masha, the wellness resort has very strict guidelines and requirements for everything that goes on while guests are in their care. Guests are cut off from the outside world and are pushed through their limits with mental and spiritual guidance from Masha and her staff. When the latest group of guests arrive, they are nine perfect strangers from all walks of life and posses their own unique struggles and traumas that Masha will exploit in the name of healing.

This show was recommended to me by my fiance’s parents. Ashley watched it once without me and after we finished our last show, we needed a quick mini-series to watch while we looked for our next long show. My disdain for Nicole Kidman’s AMC commercials has been temporarily halted because of how much I enjoyed her performance as Masha. She’s without a doubt one of the best characters on the show and her chemistry with the supporting cast is incredible. The other two big names attached to this project are Melissa McCarthy and Michael Shannon. McCarthy is awesome when she plays serious roles and Shannon does a great job of being just an average man hiding from his grief. With lots of great visuals and a surprising pro psychedelic narrative, Nine Perfect Strangers is incredibly entertaining.

Nine Perfect Strangers is available to stream on Hulu.

Dylan M.
Dylan M.

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