Step Brothers Review

Step Brothers is a 2008 comedy directed by Adam McKay. Co-written with the two main leads, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, this movie is absurdly funny. It is a time capsule of the type of humor that permeated the 2000s. Certain parts have NOT aged well, but damn is it still hilarious in practically every other scene. Step Brothers also features another McKay collaborator in Kathryn Hahn and Adam Scott. The story is absolutely absurd, but so is nearly everything else that Adam McKay and Will Ferrell have worked on.

Ever since Anchorman, McKay and Ferrell have knocked it out of the park on pretty much every venture they’ve collaborated on and Step Brothers is no exception. This is a movie that lives in the core memory banks. I’ve probably seen it a million times thanks to one of my two best friends, Wyatt. Along with our friend Drew, we probably watched this movie at least once every two weeks and that was just the times all three of us were together. Expect vulgar, teenage humor and ridiculous performances from several gust bustlingly hilarious actors.

Step Brothers is available to rent on Prime Video ($).

Dylan M.
Dylan M.

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