Weekend Watchlist – September 23 2022

My top 3 picks for this weekend are: 

  1. Constantine
    • With the latest news that Keanu Reeves will be returning to the DC universe as John Constantine, it seemed right to recommend the original movie for the watchlist this weekend. I actually tried to review this back in April 2021 and got lost in the shuffle. At the time I gave it at 72/100, and I think that rating holds up. Funnily enough, in my notes a year ago I wrote that I wouldn’t mind seeing Keanu return to the role and now here we are. I’ll be watching it this weekend to see if I was right.
  2. Looper
    • I just watched 10 Things I hate About You and it featured a very young Joseph Gordon-Levitt and it got me thinking about how may great movies this guy has been in. So here’s Looper, one of my favorite JGL movies.
  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    • To top it off, we have The Nightmare Before Christmas, one of my fiancé’s most beloved movies. I’ve mentioned her fascination with Tim Burton movies many times and with today being the first day of fall, it seems like the right time.
Dylan M
Dylan M

Dylan created Movies Not Films as a fun project to stay occupied during the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Movies and TV shows had always been a big part of his life, but he never thought to share his thoughts online. Dylan started with a simple movie diary on a spreadsheet and eventually transformed it into MoviesNotFilms.com with a robust catalog of reviews, suggestions, and ranking lists. Currently living with his now-fiancé and two dogs, Dylan has a full time career but still makes time to watch all the latest movies and most of the new TV shows. Movies Not Films boasts a modest subscriber count and releases several new posts per week.

What are you watching this weekend?

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