Gravity Falls Review

Mabel and Dipper Pines have arrived in Gravity Falls, Oregon to spend their summer with their Great Uncle Stan at his Mystery Shack tourist trap. Within days of arriving, the Pines Twins discover that Gravity Falls is no ordinary town. Together with their Grunkle Stan, handyman Soos, and front desk worker Wendy, the Pines Twins embark on many adventures to discover the truth of Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls had a 40 episode, two season run from 2012 to 2016 on Disney XD. I was 15 at the time this show came out and definitely didn’t spend much time on the Disney Channel, so I completely missed the boat on this show. I didn’t have high hopes but was quickly proven wrong. Each of the characters are smartly written and have excellent dialogue. The best thing about Gravity Falls is that it doesn’t sacrifice quality story telling for cheap jokes. The atmosphere of Gravity Falls is very enjoyable and the world design fun to look at as well.

Gravity Falls is available to stream on Disney+. While you’re there, give the group watch feature a try. I used it to watch The Princess Bride last week with my youngest sister and youngest brother the other day and it worked wonderfully.

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Dylan M.
Dylan M.

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