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Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) has just gone through a bad break up with her cheating ex-boyfriend. Desperate for a new start and a chance to get her life in order, Jess moves in to a new loft apartment she found in an ad. Her new roommates are Nick Miller (Jake Johnson), a law school drop out who thinks it’s him against the world., Schmidt (Max Greenfield – who is also in Promising Young Woman) who is a hype beast playboy wannabe, and Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris), a failed semi-pro athlete. After Jess takes a chance and moves in with this random assortment of lives, she’s officially the new girl.

New Girl started off as an incredibly raunchy Fox original show. The usual archetypal roles are fulfilled (the drinker, the playboy, the lovable loser, etc.) and it makes for a pretty easy going show for most audiences. Most of the episodes in this seven season show are decent to great, and it definitely ages with the times. As the show progresses, the raunchiness is traded in for drama and it kind of loses itself in the late 5th season and goes out with a whimper in season 7. Regardless, New Girl is a great multitasking / background noise show when you need something funny, but not complex enough to demand your full attention.

New Girl is available to stream in its entirety on Netflix.

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Dylan M.
Dylan M.

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