August Movie Reviews Blitz

I haven’t had the opportunity to get to a theater lately for any of the new releases (Dragon BallBullet TrainA Thousand Years of Longing, etc.). So here’s a movie blitz with all the stuff I’ve watched the past few weeks and didn’t think I could write a full post about. Got some good stuff here. 

Strawberry Mansion poster

Strawberry Mansion Reivew

This is one of the most indie things I’ve ever seen. Kentucker Audley stars and directs in this whimsical and surreal VHS fever dream of a movie. There is a startling lack of polish (intentional or not) that will really turn off a majority of audiences. But for fans of the weird and out there, this low budget movie might be just what you’re looking for. Available for rent on Prime Video.

Krull Review

I love old school sci-fi. I have a huge soft spot for mid tier 80s movies and Krull should be the perfect intersection of both of these things. But the piss poor set / sound design really made it annoying to watch. What should have been a cool, Dune-esque story turned out to be boring and uninspired. Krull is available to stream on HBO Max.

Krull movie poster
The great escape poster

The Great Escape Review

I had never seen The Great Escape until Saturday evening when I needed to kill about 3 hours. First of all, nobody ever told me how funny it was. I consistently found myself laughing throughout the entire run time. Steve McQueen is the embodiment of old school cool, along with Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood. The Great Escape is available to stream on HBO Max.

Vengeance Review

Vengeance is the feature length directorial debut for B.J. Novak. Similar to Not Okay, Vengeance is absurdly self aware and cringe inducing because of how sharp and pointed the commentary is. Starring B.J. Novak, Boyd Holbrook, and Ashton Kutcher, Vengeance is an entertaining and equally important look in the mirror for audiences everywhere.

vengeance poster
Dylan M.
Dylan M.

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