As a group of friends gets together for a dinner party one evening, a mysterious comet passes over their neighborhood and causes a power outage. The group of friends goes outside to investigate and notices that one house has power still. Eager to see what is so special about this house, the group splits in two and attempts to figure out what is going on. As the evening progresses, subtle changes start to occur and the once close-knit group of friends slowly starts to unravel as tensions build and accusations fly.

Coherence is a 2013 indie darling sci-fi thriller that relies more on a purposefully convoluted story and realism to entertain the audience. The cast is constructed of a random group of actors with no huge credits to their name that fit the “everyman” casting perfectly. These are people you’d see on the streets and might actually be friends with. The same is true with the set and sound design. It’s more likely that it’s just a product of a shoestring budget, but that plays in Coherence’s favor. The movie feels like real life, the audience is the person operating the camera, a true member of the story. And this story will definitely leave your head spinning.

Coherence is a staple of the Amazon Prime library and never really seems to leave. I highly suggest watching this on your next movie night, but do yourself a favor and put your phone down and turn off the lights while you watch it.

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