Stranger Things Part 4: Vol 1

Picking up several months after the conclusion of Stranger Things 3, ST4 Vol1 shows how the gang is dealing with being split up across the country. Even though Eleven has left Hawkins behind, the demons of her past continue to haunt her. Meanwhile, those who remain in Hawkins are subject to several increasingly brutal murders with seemingly no end in sight. As the two parts of the group try to make sense of their situations, they are set on a collision course with the most powerful enemy the Upside Down has yet to offer.

As somebody who was part of the original Stranger Things hype (like most people), I was very excited for the future of the show. Season 2 was pretty disappointing and didn’t really add anything of substance to the show. It really left the audience with more questions than answers. However, part 3 was an excellent redemption season and part 4 vol 1 impressed me all the way through. Part 1 was exciting and engaging, but none of the episodes were actually creepy. Part 3 wasn’t as engaging but definitely creepier due to the body horror elements from the Mindflayer. Part 4 vol 1, however, is actually creepy AND just as engaging as Parts 1 and 3. Vecna is a kickass villain and I’m excited to see how Part 4 wraps up.

Stranger Things Part 4 volume 2 releases tomorrow on Netflix and remains one of the few reasons to continue paying for Netflix month over month.

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