Wayne’s World

Wayne Cambell and Garth Algar live in suburban Chicago and host a late-night public access tv show fittingly called Wayne’s World. Together with their group of burnout friends, they navigate the fame that comes from having a successful show. As Wayne becomes interested in a new girl at the club, he draws the attention of a TV producer who wants to make a quick buck off his dorky show.

I am many, many, many years late to the Wayne’s World phenomenon. I’m sad I never got around to watching it in high school because high school definitely would have loved this even more, but I’m glad I finally got around to watching it at 25. It is stupid humor but it works so well. Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey kill it as Wayne and Garth. They had great chemistry and really sold the whole slackers that are too cool and too happy to care about anything that doesn’t make them happy vibe.

Wayne’s World is available to stream on Prime Video ($)

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