Young Frankenstein

An American neurosurgeon and descendant of the much-reviled Dr. Victor von Frankenstein has just inherited his grandfather’s castle and possessions. After traveling to Transylvania to review his inheritance, Frederick Frankenstein discovers a secret library that details his grandfather’s experiments to reanimate a dead body. Eager to prove that his grandfather was not as insane as everybody thinks, Frederick attempts to reproduce the experiment.

On the surface, and especially to those unfamiliar with Mel Brooks (which is becoming more and more common), Young Frankenstein does not exactly seem like a movie that anybody would want to sit down and invest their busy time into. However, it is so absurdly funny and full of classic comedy that it has instantly become one of my favorite satirical movies. Gene Wilder excels as Frederick Frankenstein and the ridiculous concepts and sight gags fill in all the gaps so there’s never a dull moment.

Young Frankenstien is available to rent on Prime Video.

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