The Endless

After leaving the commune that raised them after their mother’s death, Aaron and Justin receive a strange videotape from an old friend that causes some concern. The commune that they fled as teenagers has become nationally recognized as a cult, much to the dismay of the remaining members. While their new lives are much harder than their lives in the commune, Aaron and Justin decide to visit to make sure everything is ok only to uncover something dark and sinister in their old home.

Aaron Moorehead and Justin Benson have become an exciting director duo with their work on Spring, Resolution, and Synchronic. While their projects can sometimes feel or look low budget, the concept and ideas are blockbuster material. The Endless does provide some Lovecraftian horror “fear of the unknown” story beats that keep the plot moving along without divulging too much information. It’s not an incredibly deep movie and the budget does show at times, but stick with it.

The Endless is currently streaming on Prime Video ($)

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