Dr. Strangelove

When a paranoid general at a middle of nowhere military base decides to launch a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union, the entire United States Military is plunged into chaos. Before ordering the strike, General Ripper convinces his own men that the enemy will attempt to stop them and encourages them to fight to the last man. As the President attempts to work out an agreement with the Premier of the Soviet Union, time is running out before nuclear annihilation begins.

Despite the grim concept, Dr. Strangelove is a comedy through and through and is one of my favorite black and white movies of all time. There are so many visual gags and sharp one-liners delivered with absolute seriousness that it constantly makes the audience laugh. The craft ridiculous concept and incredible performances by Peter Sellers make Dr. Strangelove an incredible movie and one of Kubrick’s best.

Dr. Strangelove is currently available to rent on Prime Video ($).

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