Encounter is a surprisingly interesting but also kind of unsettling movie brimming with talent in Riz Ahmed and Octavia Spencer.

A veteran of the Marine Corps struggles to see the lines between reality and his own delusions. Convinced that there has been a successful alien invasion on planet Earth, he convinces his two young sons to go on a cross-country road trip with him to a safe zone that is free from infection.

Encounter has some interesting visuals and a mostly compelling story that keeps the audience guessing as to if it’s all real or not. There are several moments that present convincing evidence to it all being real, but then there are stronger moments that make all this clear it’s just in the main character’s head. Riz Ahmed carries the movie all the way through its almost 2 hour run time, with a decent performance from Octavia Spencer on the supporting cast.

Encounter is available to stream on Prime Video.

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