Cowboy BeBop: The Movie

A veteran of the war on Titan has become disillusioned with the world he resides in and plots to exact his revenge on the society that left him behind. Presuming that this is any other ordinary job, Spike and the rest of the BeBop crew take the job and begin to track down the biological terrorist known as Vincent.

In the wake of the disastrous Netflix adaptation, Cowboy BeBop: The Movie caught my eye and I figured it was high time to bite the bullet and finish off one of the most highly regarded anime series of all time. Spike, Faye, Jet, and Ed are their usual selves, but with much more time to breathe and live on-screen in this 2-hour long version of an episode. That’s all there is to it and what’s not to love? It feels like a traditional episode and it takes place right between episodes 23 and 24, which serves to flesh out the ending of the show just a little more.

Cowboy BeBop: The Movie (Knockin On Heaven’s Door) is currently not available to stream legally and is only available for physical purchase.

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