During a cold winter in Minneapolis, Jerry Lundegaard has reached his wit’s end. His financial troubles have overtaken his life and he has exhausted all remaining efforts to get afloat. Jerry’s only option is to do something drastic like hiring some inept henchmen to kidnap his wife and claim the ransom money from her wealthy father. As the scheme falls apart, the crime draws the attention of the police chief of Brainerd, the unflappable Marge Gunderson.

Fargo is an incredibly black comedy, with violence and typical midwestern kindness played off each other to such a degree that anybody unfamiliar with the nature of this part of the country would be left confused. Frances McDormand leads the show with Steve Buscemi, Peter Stormare, and William H. Macy in tow as the most inept and despicable criminals that Brainerd has ever seen.

Fargo (the movie) and Fargo (the show) are both currently available to stream on Hulu. Also, be sure to check out the Fargo episode of Who’s in the Box!

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