The Thing (1982)

An all-time great Sci-Fi horror classic, The Thing is an incredibly enjoyable and atmospheric adventure that features an incredibly talented cast, engaging story, and excellent soundtrack.

Winter, 1982. A crew of scientists, doctors, and pilots is preparing for the long, cold, and dark season ahead of them as they reside in their United States research outpost on the Antarctic continent. Once winter starts, communication with the outside world is next to impossible, and as the crew finishes their preparations, a neighboring research facility’s helicopter appears on the horizon and opens fire on their camp. Forced to defend themselves, the US research post neutralizes the threat and decides to investigate the neighboring facility. After discovering a brutal and grisly scene at the outpost, they return back to their own and discover that there is something hidden among them that isn’t human.

I love this movie. John Carpenter is a master of atmosphere and the feeling of being cut off from the rest of the world with an unknown creature like this thing is horrifying. Kurt Russell and Keith David are the epitome of bravado but don’t overdo it. The tense synth soundtrack is both a staple of the 80s and adds to the eerie vibe of the entire movie. This is a must-watch for everyone once winter starts.

The Thing is currently available to rent on Prime Video ($).

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