The latest adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma features Anya Taylor-Joy as the titular character in this funny, smart, and very entertaining adaptation.

Residing in a small sleepy town, Emma is always up to something and has no equal in terms of her social engineering. Mixing and matching relationships and pining for the one man she can’t seem to catch, Emma is the epitome of a Queen Bee with no equal. No one is so bold as to call her out for her antics except Mr. Knightly, who seems to be unaffected by Emma’s meddling.

Prior to watching Emma, I had about zero experience with Jane Austen or her popular works. However, as was mentioned in episode #006 of MoviesNotFilms, Dane is a huge fan of this movie and he really sold me on it so I figured “Why not?”. I found it to be very funny and pretty accessible if you can put your phone down for 2 hours.

Emma is currently available to stream on HBO Max.

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