The final halloween movie review of October 2021 is here with Beetlejuice! Tim Burton at his best working with Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin, and Geena Davis.

Adam and Barbara are a happy couple on a staycation in their small town in the middle of nowhere and have recently died on their way home from the store. When her parents move into the recently deceased couple’s home, young Lydia discovers that the previous occupants aren’t gone. She forms a relationship with these ghosts and they soon feel more like parents than her actual parents. However, when her real parents learn of these harmless spirits, they seek to capitalize on their newfound housemates and expose them to the world. Realizing that they can’t be exposed, Adam and Barbara hire a Bio-Exorcist to rid their home of the living.

The first time I watched Beetlejuice, I really didn’t enjoy it all that much. That may be the case on first viewing for a lot of people. But in the years since, I think that I’ve become more forgiving with my initial impressions of movies. So go into this with an open mind because it is truly hilarious. It is probably my favorite Tim Burton movie and Michael Keaton as the titular character is absolutely perfect.

Beetlejuice is available to rent on Prime Video ($) and a sequel has been announced, with Michael Keaton reprising his role and the rest of the original cast returning and Tim Burton set to direct.

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