Pig came out of nowhere for me. This movie was nowhere close to being on my radar so this is on of my favorite surprise releases of the summer. Starring Nicolas Cage, Pig is another fantastic film from Neon studios, the creative masterminds behind Parasite, Palm Springs, and I, Tonya.

Rob lives a lonely secluded life, kept company by his pet pig. Together they hunt the woods of Washington state for truffles that Rob sells to a dealer from the city. When his cabin is broken into during the middle of the night, the perpetrators steal Rob’s pig and assault him. When he regains consciousness, Rob realizes what was taken from him and he goes on a mission to get his pig back.

Like I said, Pig is one of the biggest surprises of the summer. The IMDb synopsis makes it seem like it’s going to be more like Taken but with Nic Cage and a pig, but instead you get a film of magnificent proportions with a remarkably deep message considering it’s really just hobo Nic Cage and a pig. Don’t skip this one, it’s one that will stay on your mind for weeks.

Pig is currently on a limited theatrical release.

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