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It Comes At Night

It Comes at Night – one of the more misunderstood A24 movies, It Comes at Night is a slow burn horror drama that will leave you speechless.

It Comes At Night is a 2017 horror drama from A24 directed by Trey Edward Shults, starring Joel Edgerton. I’m very excited for their upcoming movie The Green Knight and thought it would be a good idea to look back at some of their past successes.

Deep in the woods of an abandoned town, a small family struggles to survive in the ruins of society. When they are discovered by another family, they set ground rules and expectations so they can attempt to live cooperatively. As tensions rise and the risk of exposure to the mysterious virus increases, the arrangement soon devolves into conflict and mistrust coupled with the desire to protect their own families.

It Comes At Night is one of the more misunderstood A24 movies in my opinion. The IMDb score is criminally low and should be at least in the low 80s territory where I put it, but I do understand why people don’t like it. I think that the casting and slow burn drama is very well done and the ending is a gut punch that I didn’t see coming when I first watched it. It

It Comes at Night is available to stream on Netflix.

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