Road to Perdition

Road to Perdition – this underrated gem of the gangster genre fills the screen with impressive and intentional visuals that don’t overshadow the sparse, but necessary dialogue.

Road to Perdition

This early 2000s gangster flick is an underrated gem of the genre that focuses on action and visuals instead of heavy dialogue. Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Stanley Tucci, Daniel Craig, and Jude Law headline this graphic novel adaptation by Sam Mendes.

The year is 1931 and the Great Depression is making it’s way across America. Mike Sullivan is an enforcer for the Rooney family and has always been thought of as a son to Mr. Rooney. When Mr. Rooney’s biological son Connor kills a man in the company of Mike, they are unaware that Mike’s own son, Michael Jr, witnessed the crime. Paranoid that Michael Jr will talk, Connor takes it upon himself to eliminate the issue and kill the the entire Sullivan family but fails to kill Mike and Michael Jr. Now the remaining Sullivans must take the road to Perdition, a small town where Mike believes his son can live safely away from the violence of the mob while he seeks revenge for the slaughter of his family.

Road to Perdition was a very entertaining watch with some incredibly talented actors. It didn’t feel like a typical graphic novel adaptation, a la Sin City or 300. It felt comfortable and there was only one moment that felt like it was borrowed straight from a two page spread. Paul Newman absolutely nails his role and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Tom Hanks and Daniel Craig were both marvelous additions to the cast, with each of them breaking their own molds.

Road to Perdition is currently streaming on Netflix. I can definitely see myself picking up a copy to own on blu-ray (or maybe a steelbook case if there ever was one or will be one)

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