Sea Fever

Sea Fever

Sea Fever

Sea Fever is a big screen adaptation from Dust, a popular short film and video studio that frequently publishes content directly to YouTube. The more popular videos they publish sometimes end up with feature film adaptations.

A West of Ireland fishing trawler is heading out to sea with a young and inexperienced intern from the local college. Soon after their voyage begins, they veer through a restricted zone and are stranded when their engine stops working. When the intern is sent to investigate, what she sees will change everything.

This movie is an interesting concept on paper, but fails to really make me afraid or scared or more than mildly interested. I’m glad that it made the jump from small screen to big screen because I’m all about empowering indie directors and writers. This ticks all the boxes of what should make for an entertaining movie, but manages to fall flat at every turn.

Sea Fever is currently streaming on Hulu.

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