The Devil’s Advocate

Devil's advocate

An adaptation from the popular novel of the same name, Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves headline this late 90’s supernatural courtroom thriller.

The Devil’s Advocate begins in Florida where an up and coming young lawyer named Kevin Lomax is about to win a very difficult case. As he begins to wonder about the morality of his win at all costs mentality, he is offered a job in New York City from a very prestigious firm. Any second thoughts that Kevin had about his profession evaporate after meeting his new boss, John Milton. After being assigned another case that will test his humanity, Kevin starts to see that things are not all that they seem.

Al Pacino makes a great devil and pokes holes in all of humanity’s philosophies. He is evil, but smart in his motivations and just manages to make you feel like something is off the whole time. Keanu Reeves plays a good lawyer who seems to be shaken in his convictions, but powers through out of greed. It’s neat to see both these actors do something a little out of their comfort zones in a movie like this from so many years ago.

The Devil’s Advocate is worth watching if you want to see something totally off the wall and don’t mind if things are a little dated. It’s not going to appease everyone, but from a pure storytelling standpoint, I think it’s a fine movie. Watch it now on HBO Max.

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