Blade is one of the earliest Marvel movies and it is quite different compared to the Avengers movies that most people are used to. Cast your mind back to the frightening time that is the late 1990s.

Blade is about a half human, half vampire man named… Blade. He was born as a half vampire and was raised to hunt the creatures that are responsible for his mothers death. When a rebel band of vampires start to wreak havoc in Blade’s city, he has no choice but to pursue them with a vengeance.

This movie is an incredibly fascinating look at the origin of the modern Marvel movie. It’s success paved the way for other studios to take a chance on comic book movies again. Without Blade, I don’t think we would have gotten Sony’s Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire or Hulk or Iron Man.

Blade is currently scheduled for a reboot featuring the talent of Mahershala Ali. There aren’t very many concrete details available other than it is speculated to be PG-13, which many fans feel is a mistake. Especially given the success of Deadpool, Marvel can have a place in the R rated section.

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