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Nobody – A refreshing take on the retired secret agent trope with the ever talented Bob Odenkirk.


Nobody is a refreshing take on the retired secret agent trope. Bob Odenkirk delivers a humorous and enjoyable performance, assisted by the seemingly immortal Christopher Lloyd and RZA.

Hutch Mansell is a boring person. He works at his father-in-law’s metal fabrication company as a bookkeeper by day and goes home to his family by night. His gentle demeanor and incredible patience gives him the appearance of an easy target, somebody that won’t fight back. When his home is broken into and he is held at gun point, Hutch puts forth little effort to defend himself and lets this latest injustice run its course. After discovering that his daughter’s bracelet was stolen as well, Hutch snaps and the man he used to be makes himself known once again. Seeking an outlet for his rage, Hutch takes advantage of a situation and puts himself square in the sights of the Russian mafia.

Nobody is a fun and enjoyable movie and definitely worth the rental price of $25 on whatever streaming platform you can find it on. If you’re worried about a John Wick rip off, rest assured that this is not one of those. It borrows a concept or two, but it is definitely it’s own movie and not overshadowed by Wick.

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