Weekend Watchlist – 3/26/2021

My top 3 picks for this weekend are : 

  1. Gladiator
    • Russell Crowe delivers one of the most badass monologues in movie history in this epic tale from Ridley Scott. 
  2. I Am Legend
    • I Am Legend is the movie that taught me that some movies are made to be scary on purpose. Ten year old me was terrified of the vampires (not zombies) for weeks after watching this. It all seemed so realistic back in the day. I personally think the directors cut is better, but it’s definitely worth watching nonetheless. 
  3. Bumblebee 
    • I was a huge Transformers fan growing up, starting with an early fascination with the original gen one tv show. I loved it with the passion that only a nerdy little kid can have. I grew up with the Armada series and then lost faith in the franchise after the Michael Bay films released. I remember leaving the theater after the first one and thinking “Wtf was that?”. Suffice to say, Travis Knight did a wonderful job recreating the magic of the original show and I love the direction he went with this project. I certainly would love to see a sequel in the next few years. 

What are you watching this weekend?

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